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Silicon Catalyst Angels Launch Event


Silicon Catalyst Angels

Experience … The Difference

Silicon Catalyst Angels was spawned from Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating solutions in silicon. Silicon Catalyst, named UBM/Canon’s Startup Company of the Year, is now in its fifth year of operations and has engaged with over 250 startups.

What makes Silicon Catalyst Angels unique is not only our visibility into an exclusive deal flow pipeline, but our membership is comprised of seasoned semiconductor veterans who bring with them a wealth of knowledge along with their ability to invest. Driven by passion and a desire to ‘give back’, our members understand the hardware space thanks to a lifetime of engagement in the industry. When you couple our members enthusiasm, knowledge, and broad network of connections with companies that have been vetted and admitted to Silicon Catalyst, you have a formula that is to date, non existent within the investment community.


Silicon Catalyst Angels


EVER WONDERED what investors think about your COMPANY and how to SHAPE THEIR IMPRESSIONS?

The proper pitch is fundamental to a startups ability to persuade investors. If you’ve never raised money before, or even if you have, it requires a unique skill set which we can help you with. We call it ‘Pitch Perfect’. We can give you the ability to ‘audition’ before the show, so that your communications skills and confidence will represent the cornerstone of a winning pitch. Getting feedback from investors and understanding what they look for can be instrumental to your long term success.

Silicon Catalyst Angels provides a veritable boot camp where startups learn from our investors how to think, how to act, and how to communicate their value propositions, and how to close. Apply now to receive more information about dates. 


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Silicon Catalyst Angels is looking for members who leverage their networks to source and vet deals, adding value to the group and the portfolio companies we invest in. We are actively growing our membership and welcome your potential involvement. Apply and someone from our organization will contact you. We encourage prospective members to attend meetings and learn about our investment approach and process to ensure a mutually beneficial fit.

An investor/mentor is our ideal candidate. If interested, inquire below.

Silicon Catalyst Angels Spotlights

Silicon Catalyst Angels Members, Portfolio Companies, and Partners are up to exciting things.  Read more about them below.


U.S.-China Trade War Portends Painful Times for U.S. Semiconductor Industry

“There is going to be a lot of pain for the semiconductor industry before it normalizes,” says Dan Hutcheson.

“It’s a mess, and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better,” says David French.

“If we aren’t going to sell them chips, it is not going to take them long [to catch up to us]; it is going to hurt us,” says Mar Hershenson.

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Semiconductor Industry: A Roadmap to the Future and Impact on Our Lives

The semiconductor industry continues to have a significant impact on the world we live in - creating new industries, wealth, careers and jobs, access to communication and almost limitless connected information. Today’s coverage of the impact of AI/ML, 5G and autonomous transportation will almost certainly be transcended by a new wave of innovation. Whether for the past or for the future, semiconductors will be at the center of the action - as we like to say, It’s about what’s next. Along with participation from the Forum attendees, the panelists will discuss key topics and challenges resulting from the next wave of semiconductor innovations:

  • The Landscape of Connected Intelligence

  • Investment Opportunities

  • The Impact on Humanity and the Globe

Moderated by Pete Rodriguez, CEO, Silicon Catalyst LLC
With panelists:
Ann Kim, Managing Director, Frontier Tech, SVB
Mar Hershenson, Founder, Managing Partner, Pear.VC
David French, Chairman Silicon Power Technology, Chengdu, China
Dan Hutcheson, CEO & Chairman, VLSI Research Inc. San Jose, CA


Portfolio Company Spotlight

Owl Autonomous Imaging

A conversation with Silicon Catalyst portfolio company Owl Autonomous Imaging co-founder Chuck Gershman.

Owl Autonomous Imaging’s Always on Thermal Ranging™ 4D-camera delivers precision ranging with 100x the resolution of LiDAR cameras, operates day & night, in all weather, definitively classifies: pedestrians, cyclists, animals and vehicles (either moving or stationary) all the while calculating position, direction and speed (true 3D-velocity) to enable safe driverless cars.

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